Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Role of a Mother

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged! Life caught up with me and this is the first time I have had time to blog in a long time. But now that it is summer, I will have lots more time to blog.

                 So this Summer, my mom is in Africa to go pick up my new little brother! My dad has to work and so this summer, I am watching my siblings. When they first asked me to watch my siblings, I was very nervous because it was like I was going to be there mom for 2 months. I wasn't sure what to expect. As the summer has gone on, we have gotten a lot closer and have learned to work together. I realized this summer how important the role of mothers are and so I decided today that I was going to blog about the importance of what they do.

               The role of a mother is an essential part of life. Mothers help you with everything like for example with homework, cleaning, cooking, teaching her children, and so many more things! The way that us youth or children can do for our mothers is show gratitude for what they do, clean up after ourselves, and help her with anything she asks without complaining. Mothers work very hard to help us the best we can.

              One of the most important roles of a mother though is to teach her children. Mothers help teach her children how to read, what good manners are, what is right and wrong, and so many more things. My mother best helps us learn of the gospel. The gospel is an essential part of our lives. My mother and father always reads scriptures with us at night and from doing that, I have learned that scripture reading is very important and read them on my own too. The things mothers do will influence the way the child will do and act.

              Another important role mothers have is to love her children. The best way you can show love to them is to gives them lots of hugs and kisses, tell them often how much you love them, tell them you are proud of them when they accomplish something, and spend time with them. I never realized how much my mom did this until she was gone and couldn't tell us everyday that she loved us. I know that she does because she has always said she does. I have many siblings and so its a little harder for my mom to spend seperate time with us but I know that she still loves us and will support us in everything we do.

             This video I found on lds.org and it was a video that they put out for mothers day. This sums up everything that I have said. I learned all of this this summer and will continue to learn a lot more that mothers do. I am so grateful for my mother and all that she does. She does so much for me and my family and I appreciate everything she does. Mothers help with so much more than I ever thought and I am go grateful for all the mothers out in this world.


  1. Sierra, you are so wonderful! You inspire me! I'm excited to be a mom someday and for you to get to be a good influence on my little munchkins. I love you so much!!! <3

  2. I loved this talk. It was so great! Great post :)